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Zero waste management

Zero waste management

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laqshya live experiences pvt. ltd.

The Event

Having created large events in the past, Capgemini needed to conduct its annual celebration for over 1 Lakh Employees across 8 Cities. Instead of creating a celebration of fun, we created the concept of ‘RESPONSIBLE FUN’, that went beyond entertainment , fun & dining. With three levels of waste segregation and managing over 16.4 tonnes of waste, we recycled the plastics and used the food waste to create gas for cooking. 

Held across 8 cities in India with an average turnout of over 20000 people per city, the waste generated per event exceeds that of a small sized village. We identified this as our biggest platform to create an efficient on ground initiative that furthered the cause of Waste mgt for Capgemini as a brand & raised the social consciousness of the employees by creating a Concept of Responsible Fun”.Our aim was to reduce the waste dumping to a bare minimum through events across each city. With events spread nationwide which catered to large audiences, we knew we couldn’t opt for the traditional dry & wet waste bins.Our solution – 3 Levels of waste segregation on site.With many organisations & households using a single segregation system, we knew that segregating the plastic & wet waste would be an impossible task if done just once or twice.We carefully mapped & identified the key areas for waste disposal across acres of land & started setting up segregation bases at those places.