Client company:
La Triennale Milano
Organising company:
FeelRouge Worldwide Shows

The Event

The Nation of Plants is an exhibition exposed inside La Triennale of Milan from March to September 2019, with the aim to show how plants can teach humans to nurture a better future.

Stefano Mancuso’s studies were converted into a physical path to raise awareness by discovering the composition of our surrounding planet under a different point of view: 85% of our ambiance are plants, 0,3% are animals, which includes 0,01% of humans, and the remaining 14,7% are bacteria. The hard task was to translate scientific data into a colorful and attractive exhibit able to catch the attention of everyone. To reach our objectives, we created a kaleidoscopic room in which plants listen to the sound of flowing water reproduced in low frequencies; time-lapse videos based on his researches showing the sensorial intelligence and the extraordinary strength of plants. Also, a dark room with light projections on real living plants was representing their incredible communication system through roots, as “mutual support”. Followed by, the “Parliament” room with the message of plants to men in a multilingual audio system, finally the Constitution and the flag of The Nation of Plants