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Svyaznoy Energy incentive program

Svyaznoy Energy incentive program

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Galactic Group

The Event

Unique Svyaznoy Energy retail incentive program aimed to motivate sales force in shops all over Russia provides a chance to show best KPI’s and win a life-time experience – travel to an unforgettabele teambuilding site, join a team and spend 3 exciting days with a big game, creative tasks, parties, gala dinner – win the money prize and have your heart filled with Svyaznoy Energy forever! 6 years and counting, 6 legends (a new one for each season), 3 events each year, total over 4000 participants

The project requires huge creative potential to create a new legend for every season, fully implied during the 3 days of event. That involoves big creative team work and includes actors team (MCs and team leaders), costumes, athmosphere, venues decorations, game plot, facilities for the competition, party theme (with decorations, photo zones, dress-code and costumes, interactions and challenges), participants’ uniform and equipment, gala-dinner idea and direction, show pieces, songwriting, first impression video compiling right after the big game, headliner stars, special effects, traditional hymn and glowing sticks flashmob and much more to fill each detail fo the 3-days-event with theme pieces for the unforgettable experience.