Bea World Festival
Live Action Gaming “Winter is coming…”

Live Action Gaming “Winter is coming…”

Client company:
GlowByte Consulting
Organising company:
Doctor Team Communications

The Event

Our task was not just to integrate the company’s values, but to give them an opportunity to live and understand, applying in practice. We went through hundreds of formats, and realized that for this task can be a complex innovative format of a business game of live action. We created a whole game reality, more than 75 role-playing characters, projections-which allowed us to reveal the company’s values.

Thus, we faced the task of integrating values. We decided to start with one and the most important — the value of the company for the client. To do this, we have created several projections, for example, ready to share with the client the risk of achieving business results of the project, and each projection is an event within the Kingdom. As a client, we presented the Kingdom itself, the well — being of which should be taken care of by the great houses, and the events in the Kingdom are the client’s requests. We offered the client the format of Live game in the style of the series game of thrones with the creation of a full game model. As a realization of the value for the client we have created a line of theses that are reflected in the events of the world of Westeros.