Bea World Festival
SoftServe Road Show

SoftServe Road Show

Client company:
Organising company:
Filosofia Creative Group

The Event

A series of field trips to familiarize future employees with the company and increase the amount of hired experts. The event is for the development and strengthening of IT community in smaller cities.

A range of conditions was decisive for the development of a creative solution:
– open-air format for the event due to COVID restrictions
– location in the very center of the cities, in places convenient for the participants
– the platform was not to disrupt the city’s ecosystem
– lack of space to place a standard roadshow truck
We offered an alternative solution that we used to tour the cities. Our team developed, thought out, and designed the road show zone and all of its components: Bus, Registration Area, Speaker Stage, Expo Zone, Coffee Break and Networking Area, Photo Zone, and Recruiting Spots. The constructs were durable, easily assembled and disassembled, and could be flexibly transformed. At the end of the roadshow, all materials were sent for recycling.