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Mettiti nelle mie scarpe / A Mile in my shoes

Mettiti nelle mie scarpe / A Mile in my shoes

Client company:
Fondazione Empatia Milano (FEM)
Organising company:
Piano B

The Event

A giant box where you can get in and put on a pair of shoes, in order to walk “in the shoes of others” while you listen to their story and train your empathy. Milan, 21/28 September 2021.

Fondazione Empatia Milano and Piano B produce and rearrange for Italy the iconic work ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ by the English artist Clare Patey, Director of Empathy Museum, which translates into an experiential setting the English expression ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’. A Mile my shoes is an installation of a gigantic box of shoes where you can enter, choose a pair of shoes from the exposition, and listen with headphones to the podcast that tells the authentic story of the owner of those shoes. Thirty-one original podcasts (21 in Italian made by FEM and 10 in English created by Empathy Museum) tell the real stories of ordinary fatigue and daily normality to stimulate the empathic exercise, proposing unknown (in some case even disturbing) perspectives and points of view.