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Global Impact Conference 2020

Global Impact Conference 2020

Client company:
Corporate Academy of Rosatom
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The Event

Global Impact Conference 2020 is online event about the role of a human-centric approach in achieving balanced economic growth. Over 2 days, 86 world-renowned experts and 42 participating countries

We didn’t want zooms or calls against the wall (that’s how most online events look like during pandemic). We wanted to teleport speakers from 42 countries to one studio to rise world’s problems, so we created a virtual studio on Unreal Engine and worked with onsite video production teams with chromakey (green screen) to make it happen. We had 3 types of video production teams: 1) if speakers were allowed to go out in their countries, we invited them to chromakey studio 2) otherwise our team was bringing equipment to their houses 3) for those who was not allowed even to meet team with negative PCR test, we had a delivery and remote video team to instruct them how to shoot themselves. We also invited virtual influencer AI Angel (529k subscribers on YouTube) as a co-host of the event and Editor-in-Chief Forbes Russia as a host of the event (to get more PR coverage). For interactive iterations we used platform for online event A5000, which has a lot of possibilities for customization