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Live Experiences

The Event

Since 2004 a premium music festival held in Cascais, Portugal, at historical patrimony gardens during month of July. A line-up composed with artists from Jazz, Blues, Soul, RnB, Pop.

EDPCOOLJAZZ stands out for being a non-standardized festival, with atypical and distinctive characteristics, that primes for its innovative environment. It occurs every year in three different spaces and in separated days with paid and non-paid live acts. Thus, it gives the opportunity for different types of audiences to enjoy not only the music but also different surroundings, each and every one with its unique atmosphere. Moreover, EDP developed several eco-friendly measures as for example the C02 compensation project that consists of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions with carbon credits from the “Argibem” project in Brazil. EDP supports the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable biomass residues in ceramic factories, contributing to the fight against climate change and to a more sustainable circular economy. This initiative contributes to making EDPCOOLJAZZ environmentally sustainable.