The magic of the summer in the Giant with Circus Theater Roncalli

The magic of the summer in the Giant with Circus Theater Roncalli

Client company:
D. Swarovski Services Tourism GmbH.
Organising company:
Roncalli Event Gmbh.

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The Event

In July 2019 the artists of Circus Roncalli offer more than 100.000 visitors a glimpse behind the scenes of the circus. Daring acrobats are turning the garden of the Giant into a circus ring.

Circus. The word alone sets the imagination running wild, conjuring up childhood afternoons spent in tents or spectacular performances by world-class acrobats.
In cooperation with Circus Theater Roncalli, this summer at Swarovski Crystal Worlds we are reinventing the circus. Our circus is not limited to a tent for one big show; the whole garden has turned into a playground. The whole day evolves naturally with only a few show times set.
Beautiful antique circus trailers give the impression that a traveling circus has decided to stay and enjoy the lush landscape for a bit. A striking carousel shimmers with 15 million Swarovski crystals, evoking feelings of freedom and joy.
Colorful backdrops, ornate costumes, and spectacular performances are transporting visitors into the magical world of the circus ring. The audience gets the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the artists and immerse themselves in the world of the circus.