Client company:
AICC (National Association of Coffee industry)
Organising company:
UP Partner

Category Winner

The Event

The first ever festival held in Portugal, dedicated to celebrate the Portuguese passion for coffee. An event designed to promote coffee culture and get together all those who love and work with coffee

After the briefing we went to brainstorming, and found as common point that Portugal is a country of coffee lovers. Also Portuguese coffee association as almost 90% of the coffee brands in Portugal as associates. About 80% of Portuguese consume coffee daily. As industry according to Nielsen the market value in Portugal is around 556 millions €. So, what was missing ? Get everyone together at the “conversations table” (independent coffee specialists, big commercial companies, small roasters and stores, speakers and specialists) and join forces to create and promote the first and ever biggest event dedicated entirely to Coffee. And the Lisbon Coffee Fest was created. Since the very beginning of all we decided to create one of the most trendy, cool and spectacular festival around Coffee, inspired in the best coffee festivals around the world, and fitted to the Portuguese coffee culture. A festival that was designed to promote and fill and empty space on the Portuguese coffee history.