Superdose on Metaverse

Superdose on Metaverse

Client company:
Chilli Beans
Organising company:
Smash Agency

Category Winner

The Event

– Convention
– On Metaverse + Stream on youtube
– For Franchisees, store managers and salespeople, influencer
– Objective: be disruptive, enchant and increase sales.

Superdose provided an immersive virtual experience within the GTA game map: a digital island that guests can explore with their personalized avatars.
The public could follow everything up close live through the experience as a gamer, inside the game, or by watching the Superdose Streamed by actor and comedian Eduardo Sterblitch, with the avatar of his famous character Freddie Mercury Silver.
The opening was made by Sterblitch streaming with his Freddy Mercury Silver avatar. For an hour, before SUPERDOSE, he explored the Island, socialized with the other avatars and provided the audience with a lot of fun.
We had the participation of Visual DJ’s Caramelo Dogs who, with their instrument “Light Tubes”, gave an even more technological air to compose the proposal of the event.
Once again, Chilli Beans provided its employees and guests much more than a convention. With the union of the real and the digital, the gamer experience in the metaverse provided a lot of interaction, fun and a meetin