Omniva’s Multimailbox Project

Omniva’s Multimailbox Project

Client company:
Omniva // Estonian Postal Service
Organising company:
Royal Experience

Category Winner

The Event

This is a story where with 10K euros we created a nationwide Brand Experience with 300 events, fixed an ongoing problem, reached 1/5 of the nation and left a long-lasting brand and national heritage

The creative idea which held the concept together was linking these series of events to solving an issue and promoting rural roots to Brand Experience. People saw the need to fix the dying mailboxes and were proud to promote Estonian culture. Omniva’s goal was to link their events to Estonia 100, centennial celebrations, we achieved this by prompting each community to research their historic background and respective national patterns. Partnering with VIVA colour, we provided paint to each of the participating communities. Their role was to build, paint and place the stands for mailboxes, focusing on their local national patterns and colors. As inspiration from these events spread quickly, many private mailboxes were renewed as well and are now bringing joy to households around the country. In parallel to this project, a book was published on national patterns of Estonian parishes – a truly long-lasting outcome for the series of events. This book became a gift to Estonia from Omniva.