ŠKODA Cycling Events

The Tour de France. Third largest sporting event. Broadcasted in 190 countries. One main partner: ŠKODA sponsors the “Green Jersey”, the “Red Car” and accompanies the Tour with over 200 vehicles.

We celebrate cycling for a whole year. Starting long before the Tour de France. With a welovecycling.com website, the recruitment of our own ŠKODA cycling team, sales competitions, materials for car dealerships, road shows and at trade fairs. Together we start at cycling races in Frankfurt, Cologne and present over 1000 drivers in the ŠKODA jersey compete in six races. The team is growing. The Tour de France is getting closer.
We had TV spots, presenter spots, show our love for cycling in print motifs, online, and in numerous advertorials in the press. We offer in-car carpooling, assemble our team of dealers, press and customers. And we drive our own stage on original bikes under the guidance of 3 Tour de France winners.
We celebrate the tour in VIP tents. At the start. And the finish. And even after the tour we keep pedaling. With Oliver Mommsen and Kristina Vogel, our ŠKODA bike team gets two prominent members. We continue our ride.


The most important event of the Jeep Brand in Europe. A weekend with off-road adventures, outdoor sports, barbecues, children area, museum and concerts with 700 cars and 1500 Jeepers.

First edition eco-sustainable: the Camp Jeep area was set up using 100 cubic metres of tree trunks totalling 250 tons of wood, all sourced from trees which collapsed in the neighbouring forests during last October storms.

Profi is blooming for you (Profi infloreste pentru tine)

Profi, a retail network of supermarkets, had the biggest expansion among all Romanian players: from only 67 stores in 2009 to 1000 in May 2019. Hence the perfect moment for a memorable celebration.

The main factor for the retail expansion in Romania is Profi, a retail network of supermarkets with the biggest expansion among all players: on 17th of May 2019, in Timisoara, it opened its 1000th store. Therefore it was the perfect moment to acknowledge this accomplishment and to thank all Profi clients, having in mind that Profi has strong brand awareness (95%), good retention score of its clients (41%), great consumer satisfaction score (71%) but it has to improve its preference score (from 15% to 35-40%)
The creative idea yielded from the local custom and from the very date of the 1000th store opening: flowers are the most popular symbol for a celebration and the month of May is known in Romania as Florar (Florist), so Profi decided to build the biggest floral construction ever in Romania by using more than 100.000 flowers. Also, in order to impress the participants with its upscale technology, it organized a session of virtual shopping, augmented and virtual reality for its client

Hendrick’s World Cucumber Day

Hendrick’s Gin celebrated the worlds cucumber day with a special event.

The creative idea was to use the world wide celebrated cucumber-day as a reason to get a free Hendrick’s Gin Tonic all over Austria in more than 100 participating bars. We have created and distributed 250,000 cucumber flyers. Each of these 250,000 flyers had a unique QR code. So 250,000 flyers = 250,000 different QR codes. Since each code was unique, we knew exactly which codes were attached to City Lights, which codes were in magazines, which codes were distributed at the Vienna Gin Festival in May, and which codes were generated online. On the Worlds cucumber day on June 14th each one who collected a cucumber flyer could redeem them in one of the selected bars all over Austria, especially in Vienna at the Le Méridien where we had a special Hendrick’s event turning the whole area into the Hendrick’s World with the Hendrick’s Look and Feel everywhere. A promotion like this has never ever took place before, for the first time a company had real results and analyzes of what happened.

Banco Deséa – Lavazza a modo Gufram

During the Milan Design Week the new Lavazza coffee machine with its golden body was presented in a specially created vault.

La Buccia interprets the creative concept assigned by Gufram, transforming one of the Magazzini Raccordati of Milan’s Central Station into an impenetrable vault, the most suitable place to protect the precious golden coffee machine. In line with the creative concept assigned to the event, La Buccia absorbed the bank’s iconographic aesthetics and painstakingly moulded them in every single detail of the setup in order to transfix each visitor with an experience worthy of the best action movie.
A team of security officers and a network of laser beams acting as the alarm system were the obstacles to be overcome for reaching the coveted treasure.
A golden cage suspended in the air protected the Deséa Golden Touch, ready to drop down at the first attempt at theft.
Some of the codes for visiting the space were hidden in the QR code, which allowed for discovering additional contents about the event, all in augmented reality.

Inauguration of Torrecárdenas Shopping Centre

Bogaris Retail and CBRE were to open Torrecárdenas Shopping Centre in Almería, the largest one in the province. More than 150,000 sqm inspired by the world of cinema.

Our proposal was to bring the Shopping Centre, the brands, the province and the people of Almería together. Almería is a land of cinema, of filming and of movie EXTRAS. For this inauguration, we wanted to turn those hundreds of Almería movie EXTRAS into real STARS. And we would do this through an emotional bond, using an element so closely related to cinema as the Red Carpet: the longest one in the world!
With it, we appealed to their spirit of local pride and belonging to come together and achieve an authentic GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™! All of us together. This would allow us to:
– Achieve brand visibility and awareness.
– Use a movie event to inform Almería general public about the opening of Torrecárdenas Shopping Centre.
– Get Almería into the Guinness Book of Records.
– Celebrate the people of Almería and their work as EXTRAS, turning them into stars for a day.

Nightmare in Burger King

Burger King celebrated Halloween by transforming their most popular retsuarnt in Madrid into a full-fledged House of Horrors. Only those who made it through culd get the special burger Nightamre King.

Instead of having some typical Halloween decoration in lots of restaurants, it was far more interesting to channel all our efforts in just a single venue, their largest two-floor in Madrid’s busiest street, Gran Vía. The spot was totally transformed into a them-park level Huse of Horrors, both in the outside and the inside. From the outside it looked like a creepy Victorian warehouse out of a terror movie… with an undertaker inviting the bravest to enter. If you managed to survive and make it through, you’d get a free “Nightmare King” the new burger they launched for Halloween. Our experience would also act as the main product presentation. What did we deliver? A full-fledge House of Horrors supervised and constructed by cinema and theme park professionals, filled with special effects and with a dozen professional actors perfectly dressed as zombies, vampires, psycho-killers… Want to join our social media gallery of the most scared? Just come in!

Run For The Oceans

RUN FOR THE OCEANS is a global movement that harness the power of sport to raise awareness around the threat of marine plastic pollution and inspire action amongst adidas consumers.

We used the Think global-act local approach to illustrate the problem, to increase participation and to show tangible ways of making a difference.
We focused on presenting local environmental issues and their global impact.
• We partnered up with celebrities and Influencers in order to show their unique stories and their individual approaches to the cause, inviting people to join the movement and take part in local events.
• We set up a local event – a kick of run pulling the community of runners, Influencers and sustainability activists together.
• We ran for sustainability. We chose to be one hundred percent ecological.
• Instead of printing posters we cleaned the message to the sidewalks we used Aqua Ads
• Instead of polyester for branding flags we used cotton and other natural and recycled materials
• Catering was vegetarian and served on biodegradable dishes (paper, wood & corn starch plastic)
• info panels

Worten Game Ring – Unbox the best of Lisboa Games Week

To activate Worten Game Ring at Lisboa Games Week, we created “Unbox the best of LGW”, an integrated concept to unbox the best content on social media and the best experience at the event.

“Unbox the best of Lisboa Games Week” was our motto for the campaign and event.

In the world of gaming everything begins with a cardbox. Be it a new game, new console or new keyboard. So, at one of the most technological events ever we had a stand made of card board. A 500 square meters stand, with gaming stage, entertainment area, experimentation floor and a pop-up store with 100 square meters.

In an event with 60.000 visitors, we did amateur and pro e-sports tournaments and lauched Pokemón Go! in a special activation with over 700 players. But gaming is also entertainment, and no one was able to resist the Challenges we created for the audience and famous influencers.

In the last day we challenged all of the LGW visitors to take part in the biggest unboxing ever made. Everyone could unbox the whole WGR Stand and discover prizes!

Android Avenue

2019 was Brandfuel’s 8th year designing and executing Google and Android’s presence at Mobile World Congress. The result, Android Avenue a semi-surreal urban space based on the idea of a pop-up Street

Challenged to create something more impactful and engaging than previously, we went above and beyond to deliver something completely unique. The Android Avenue was a semi-surreal urban space where 12 welcoming structures (and lots in between) lined our pop-up street, the forms of which were inspired by Google and Android’s material design language, launched fully in 2018 and now used across services.

Our ‘Avenue’ consisted of 4 quarters, Creative, Residential, Cultural and Uptown, with 13 interactive experiences The 13 individual experiences created were takes on familiar locations (a coffee shop, a mobile guided art gallery filled with augmented and virtual art experiences, arcade, hotel) and took guests to situations where an Android/Google product could benefit them e.g using Google’s Translate through camera function to quickly decipher a menu. The intention was to create an immersive guest journey across the space and reinforce the everyday value of Google and Android products.

Re:imagine Street ARt

By amplifying the natural immersiveness of street art, Samsung let people discover and engage with colorful AR-worlds beyond traditional art, making them actual participants in the artwork.

The answer to the brief was: by enriching one of the most analog, yet immersive forms of art, through Samsung technology: street art.
Street Art interferes with its environment and engages with the audience. We amplified these inherent principles of the form and extended the original conceptual ideas of specific artworks with the help of completely new AR layers, changing the role of the audience from passive viewer to active participant.