YouTube FanFest Showcase

YouTube FanFest Showcase

Client company:
Google India Pvt. Ltd.
Organising company:
Laqshya Live Experiences

The Event

The YouTube FanFest Showcase 2019 was a series of mini events where consumers encountered their first ever ‘digital sampling’ and that too with their favourite YouTube stars.

We were tasked with reaching out to a wider set of audience across the country to bring them closer to their YouTube stars. Our audience was between 18-26 years, and when they are not glued to their smartphones, they meet up with friends at malls. This insight triggered our creative idea, and our strategy was thus built on this.

Brands frequently hand out free product samples at malls as a way to get prospective customers to experience their products. We decided to do the same, but with a twist. In a first, we presented the YouTube FanFest Showcase as a digital ‘sample’ where the digital content consumers and fans would get a sample taste of their favourite YouTube stars up close. What was the best way to do it? By mall-jacking, of course. This was to be the first-of-its-kind event which brought YouTube stars and fans together at malls across different cities simultaneously.