Offshore Wind Energy Experience

Offshore Wind Energy Experience

Client company:
Belgian Offshore Platform (BOP)
Organising company:
The Oval Office

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The Event

The BOP that represents the most important players in offshore wind energy wanted to celebrate & showcase an important milestone and as a result influence the public opinion in a positive way.

We organized a campaign for a period of 6 weeks focused on PR, brand activation, online engagement & event.
‘Set sail for the energy of the future’ is the concept title for a unique offshore wind energy experience organized in 3 steps:
1-Stunt & brand activation
•Obj.: get positive press exposure, engage citizens, win a boat trip to the wind parks
•Concept: 15,000 paper windmills on the Ostend beach together made up the 1,000,000 figure and once brought offshore wind energy close to the citizens. People can pick up a paper windmill & win a boat trip to the wind parks by submitting a unique code (printed on the windmill) to a specific landing page.
2-Online campaign
•Obj.: Share knowledge about offshore wind energy with all citizens, win a boat trip to the wind parks in September
•Concept: Online quiz about offshore wind energy on a specific landing page, participants can win a boat trip
3-Boat Trips
•Obj.:Discover the wind parks in the North Sea
•Concept: 4 guided boat trips in 2 days