Bea World Festival
NOVA SBE Inauguration day

NOVA SBE Inauguration day

Client company:
Organising company:
Desafio Global & Câmara Municipal de Cascais (Cascais City Hall)

The Event

Celebrate the inauguration of the largest and most modern campus in Europe from 83,000 m2 to 8,200 guests.
Mark this day, a day that can be celebrated annually as the “school event”.

Considering the high number of guests, we have opted for several original and different solutions.
• The stage, of the Ceremony, was a scenic reproduction of the profile of the Campus and from the various buildings that represent the campus.
• To mark the symbolic moment of the Ceremony, a time capsule was created. Messages and objects were introduced in the capsule, from the Ceremony speakers and the various guests during the welcome cocktail. In order to creat an emotional moment, the Capsule came down from ceiling, involving the orchestra, a lyric singer and several dancers suspended from the ceiling, meanwhile it was placed the Capsule on the floor of the Campus Atrium, where it will remain in the next 25 years.
• The presence of three different orchestras, in various places and moments of the event, with a special emphasis on the presence of a Symphonic Orchestra at the stage of ceremony that played every moment of the same.