Music Awards Ceremony – MAC

Music Awards Ceremony – MAC

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MAC is a formal celebration event to honor the excellence of the professionals in the music industry in the region (SRB, CRO, BH, MNE, NMC) held in Belgrade, Serbia, in Stark Arena on January 29, 2019

Huge sport Arena became huge TV studio, and TV demands highest production level. MAC is unique TV and live show connecting 5 regional countries, so Skymusic made 5 stages merging into one grandiose stage. Elements such as cube screens connecting into one mega screen, as well as impressive 36 million pixels, demanded special preparations and video directing setting, which included 5 most modern 4K processors connected by a specific Analog Way system. 300 1t chain hoists, 30 Variable speed chain hoists, 700 moving fixtures and over 280 tons of production in the roof of the Arena –a perfect match of creativity and innovation.