Chateau Nicolas

Chateau Nicolas

Client company:
Private person
Organising company:
Mr. Volodymyr Buhai

Category Winner

The Event

Celebrating the anniversary of a man in the French palace style on July 9, 2019 at the Kozin Golf Club (Ukraine).

Masterpieces of French architecture were recreated, both in the exterior and in the interior. On the lawn with a real ornament like the Palace of Versailles, guests ended up in the Chateau Vaux Le Viscount-the palace of envy of King Louis 14, in which Vatel once served – the founder of catering. Inside the Chateau, the Mirror Gallery of Versailles was recreated using a real mirror and led screens, on which the picture “outside” changed from the interiors of the Palace of Versailles, the landscapes of its garden, antique sculptures to the customer’s logo. At the front door was a visualization of the power symbols of the King of the Sun in white and gold colors. Inside the tent, a wine tasting area was provided, where a baroque bar was installed against the background of the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild wine cellar and led screens – round barrels on which the name and year of the tasted wine was demonstrated. A chess area and two poker playing tables were also provide.