Bea World Festival
Botanical Watergarden

Botanical Watergarden

Client company:
Paulig Latvia
Organising company:
Skudras metropole

The Event

Botanical Watergarden was a multifunctional place, showing how one event may become multifunctional. Created with added value – education, entertainment, art, music, and sustainable thinking.

An old and forgotten greenhouse was renovated with environmentally friendly materials, it was flooded in water, creating a splendid watergarden that during evening gastronomic performance bloomed in gigantic flowers at the sound of piano concert. Tables were formed as waterfalls. Food was served on natural, recycled materials, and visitors were engaged in making plates out of flowers. Actors were telling stories about flowers that related with the ways the food was served. During the performance, the environment and tables were transformed several times. Tables turned into mirror-tables, levitating boats of flowers and candles were lowered. Organic products were used during the performance, demonstrating how flowers, insects and fruit of nature can be used in contemporary cuisine.
In the Botanic Watergarden, attracting popular lecturers, educational lectures were conducted where visitors were engaged, creating tasks that promoted a broader view on environmentally friendly activities.