WEBINAR – Female leadership in an evolving world

WEBINAR – Female leadership in an evolving world

Never more than now has it been necessary to promptly interpret the evolution in progress in the #LiveCommunication.

Studies have found that organizations with women in leadership roles do better and are more likely to have a mature diversity and inclusion function. But is that really so?

We will discover it on September 9 at 4:00 PM CET live streaming on Bea World Facebook Page.

🔸 Hans Etman, Owner/Moderator/Trainer, Masters in Moderation

🔸 Angeles Moreno, Founder, the Creative dots
🔸 Tata Burduli, Brand Director, Georgian Football Federation
🔸 Stephanie Dubois, Event Director, SAP
🔸 Stefanie Winter
, Event Director, Siemens
🔸 Ulrike Tondorf
, Head of Live & Experience Branding, Bayer