How the use of event technology at Bea World increased networking opportunities

How the use of event technology at Bea World increased networking opportunities

Last week at Bea World Festival, over 480 valuable connections were established in a unique way: the new concepts of Star-Talk & Lunch and Pick a Brain, powered by the online seating & matchmaking solution NetworkTables, fostered networking among like-minded people.

During lunch, on the days of the Bea World Festival, over 500 attendees took place at topic-led lunch tables hosted by speakers, jury members and industry experts. Topics like “The future of event technology’, ‘Consumer trends for 2018 and beyond’ and ‘The importance of emotional marketing’ were discusses among experts and delegates. On the second day, within 3 hours, 80 pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings took place between attendees and experts. “NetworkTables added a lot of value for me .. I could set up a lot of meetings and got direct communications with people I wanted to speak to!” – said one delegate, Mark Rushmore from Zerotwonine.

To bring like-minded attendees together at lunch tables and enable them to pre-schedule 1-on-1 meetings in an easy way, Bea World worked together with the award-winning event tech solution “Directly after the lunches, attendees came to visit our exhibition stand and learnt how to implement our solution in their events – now it’s time for us to follow-up and help them out with their lunches and networking at their conferences.” – said Matthijs Otto, Founder of NetworkTables.

Even after the event, allows attendees to keep in contact with people they have met during the event. As a matter of fact, the platform automatically sends an email to all delegates that have reserved a seat with the contact details of people met during the topic-led lunches and the 1-on-1 meetings, in order to exchange digital business cards.

“NetworkTables is an effective tool to foster networking and to meet new people. It gave a lot of added value to an event like Bea World Festival, a worldwide platform for event professionals.”, said Brenda Debiasio, Bea World project leader.

Bea World Festival delegates can benefit from a 20% discount with the code #BEATechDiscount to use the online seating solution at their turn in their next events.

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