UK – Runners to create light spectacular in Edinburgh

The ‘Speed of Light‘ event is a choreographed performance of walking and endurance running as part of Edinburgh International Festival and London 2012 Festival.
Hundreds of runners will scale the path networks on the landmark of Arthur’s Seat, accompanied by a walking audience carrying portable light sources.

The aim is to create a visual display on various nights between 9 and 31 August, which will be viewed by a ticketed audience from the summit of the hill.
Speed of Light is organised by NVA, a Scottish arts charity that produces events in challenging landscapes. It is one of four national projects commissioned as part of Legacy Trust UK’s community celebrations programme, which aims to build a legacy from Olympic and Paralympic Games this year.

NV is looking for distance runners to take part in ‘Speed of Light’. They should be fit enough to complete a 3-5k run with some hill work by the event. Runners will take part in small groups and will be on the hill for 1.5 to 2.5 hours.