UK – Pacific World expands European network

UK – Pacific World expands European network

After rebranding as Pacific World EMEA in November

2011, the key focus of the DMC in the region has been to expand its geographic

footprint. The four original destinations of Scotland, Portugal, Spain and Greece

have been supplemented by the opening of new offices in Paris and Monaco on

1st February, shortly to be followed by the opening of a London office on 1st

March 2013.


Shaun Casey (image), EMEA Regional Director commented:“We announced last year our

intention to further expand into EMEA. Rather than acquiring companies, Pacific

World has selected highly experienced business professionals who share the

same vision in terms of customer care, creativity and operational excellence.

I’m delighted to welcome such experienced talent to our team. With more

than 20 years’ experience in different organisations, each will make a valuable

contribution to our growth in the region”.

Evelyne Mancini de Boni in Monaco and Hannelore Carzon in Barcelona will join

the EMEA senior management team reporting into Shaun Casey, EMEA Regional

Director. Corinne della Rocca and Laure Maida-Bigot from Monaco and Cecile

Dubeau and Laure Le Pendeven from Paris will also move from other DMCs in

the region to join Pacific World as part of their expansion plans.

This recruitment activity concludes the first of a three-phase implementation

for geographic expansion in the region. The next two phases will see further

openings in the region within the first half of 2013 allowing Pacific World to

optimize its considerable investment in a sales organization focused on both

traditional and emerging source markets around the world.

Casey concluded:“The expansion allows us to better service our customers

on a longer-term, strategic basis in the region. Whilst this is important for

our agency customers who are looking for business partners who can service

multiple destinations and who truly understand their approach, it is essential

for our long term success with our association customers as a PCO where the

evaluation of destinations based on a number of contributing factors is key to the

success in placing congress business. Our early success is already creating a lot of

excitement in our organization.”