UK – Exclusive Lush “Scented Cinema” experience

UK – Exclusive Lush “Scented Cinema” experience

To celebrate the holidays that have just finished, Lush Gorilla Perfumes teamed up with StudioXag to bring its customers an exclusive experience that brought their favourite movies to life through smell.

lushDuring the holidays, Lush announced a series of cinema screenings being held to a select few people on the lower floor of its flagship store in London’s Oxford Street. Three films in particular – Elf, Home Alone, and High Fidelity – have been picked to run right through to the end of December, with limited seating being available on a first come, first-serve basis.

The ground floor of the store was transformed into a retro cinema, with red seating and tables, a sign with screening information and a ‘sun drive in’ logo. Different scents and props could be identified throughout the room, and were being used to enhance the movie experience.

The events were completely free – with complimentary food and drink being offered during the screening to coincide with the experience, and limited edition perfumes, shower gels, posters and a t-shirt being available to buy afterwards.