UK – Evian Alpine Experience could launch nationwide

The Evian Alpine Experience ran from 11-15 January and offered visitors a ‘pure’ experience of the mountains where the water originates. A shipping container on the Southbank was transformed into a ski lodge with a log fire, alpine scents and molecular food and drink from Rare Foods.

Evian’s Facebook fans could enter online to win a slot in the container for themself and five friends. They could also vote for which Alpine ‘surprise’ would burst in on visitors, from husky puppies to Lederhosen performers or a snowball fight.
Laura Pope, brand manager for Evian, told Event: “Now we know it worked really well, we will look to make it a national campaign by taking the container around different cities in the UK. We could look to tap into the summer health trend and create juxtaposition between the cold Alps and the heat of the summer.”
She confirmed that Evian will bring the Alpine Experience to the Evian hospitality suite at the Wimbledon tennis championships this year.

Marie Morgan, account executive at Shine Communications, which ran the experience with production company Design Arrival, said: “I don’t think the Wimbledon experience will take the same form as the shipping container, but it will use aspects from inside the container like the mocktails made with Evian. We’re still working on our plans for 2012 and as the container was so successful it’s definitely something that we’re going to consider working into all of our activity for 2012.”