UK – Bupa sets all new Guinness World Record

Award-winning Event Management Agency, Chillisauce, oversaw a Guinness World Record event as BUPA set the world record for the largest number of people simultaneously playing hopscotch.

Bupa GWR (460).jpg

The event, held at London’s o2 Arena, saw 358 children and adults join together to set an all new Guinness World Record as part of Bupa’s Global Challenge 2011, which aims to get more than 35,000 people around the world moving and therefore reduce the risk of serious illness.

Four Primary Schools from Tower Hamlets sent students to join in with Bupa staff who had come along for the day to break the record and support Bupa’s drive for healthier living.
After much warming up, exercise and games it was time to begin the attempt. The rules were confirmed and there was a short presentation from the Guinness World Record’s adjudicator, Damian Field. Then, on the count of ten 360 men, women and children began their attempt to set the Guinness World Record.

Bupa GWR (269).jpgAfter the counting had been completed, Damian took to the stage to declare the attempt had been successful with a total 358 people. There followed a chorus of ‘We are the Champions!’ and a blizzard of confetti as the o2 erupted in celebration of the record.
The event was well received, and there were no happier, more excited and enthusiastic competitors than the children themselves…
“This has been the best day of my life!”
“My Dad will be so proud of me because I’ve got a gold medal!”
“This has been the best school trip ever! What are we doing tomorrow?”

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