UK – Bluehat Group breaks Guinness World Record at showcase event

UK – Bluehat Group breaks Guinness World Record at showcase event

The Bluehat Group event saw more than 50 guests take part in the activities, which ranged from stacking polystyrene coffee cups as high as possible in one minute, to the fastest time for passing and wearing eight t-shirts around the group.


Charlotte Cornwallis, head of sales at Bluehat Group, said: “To get that amount of people there was a real success because it’s getting harder and harder for people to take time out of their busy lives to do this kind of thing.”

Groups of eight people were each designated one world record attempt activity. They were given a set amount of time to perfect their technique before being timed and assessed by an official Guinness World Records representative.

The coffee cup stacking group beat the previous record by stacking their tower, which stood for five seconds, to a height of 2m, 14cm – beating the previous day’s record holders from Barclays by 12cm.

“Everything about the showcase was successful and I think it’s because of the brand. Guinness World Records is something that everybody recognises, and secondly, because we are the experts in team building. There isn’t another event like this”, added Cornwallis.