UK – Amazon takes over Westminster tube station

UK – Amazon takes over Westminster tube station

For its ambient marketing action, the company replaced Tube signs with a new name to advertise the launch of a new London internet service to help businesses.

amazonThe stunt, which was carried out by London-based Stewart Signs, came on 12th January. Several signs inside the Circle, District and Jubilee line station were changed including the iconic circular Tube signs, as well as the signs lining the platform.

Over the last five years Amazon has been branching out into lots of different sectors and has built another entity in Amazon Web Services, which offers secure “cloud computing” – meaning when data is stored and managed online instead of on hard drives. To promote this new service, workers grafted through the night to replace the signs, which left Londoners a bit puzzled, wondering what was going on.

It’s not the first time a company takes over the city’s tube: in April, last year, Canada Water underground station was renamed Buxton Water on the day of the London Marathon.