UK – Airwick brings countryside experience to Covent Garden

UK – Airwick brings countryside experience to Covent Garden

Agency Virgo Consumer Health & Wellbeing and Airwick worked with experiential installations specialist Hothouse I Want Gets on the activity last weekend to demonstrate the smells of the brand’s new range of home fragrances.

A giant perspex cube was constructed in Covent Garden which contained a slice of the outdoors, including real flora and fauna, a National Park landscape, a park gate and stone wall.

The sensory experience also allowed visitors to feel the heat of the sun and listen to birdsong, as well as hear the faint sounds of bees and sheep.

Aside from the cube, the wider Covent Garden area was taken over with branded country-style footpath signs and a team of ‘ramblers’ who interacted with the crowds and distributed Airwick National Parks samples.

Throughout the day visitors were treated to dance performances to convey the spirit of different National Parks. They were also able to have their professional photo taken against the rural backdrop, which linked to the brand’s Facebook page to maximise social media engagement.


Jerome Lemaire, UK marketing director for Reckitt Benckiser, said: “Experiential activity on a huge scale is a first for AirWick and something we’re really excited by. This event offered consumers the chance to experience everything that is great about the Great British countryside while ensuring they discovered the new National Park range in a more creative and compelling way.”

Natasha Weeks, associate director at Virgo, added: “In the middle of a cold and wintry London town, consumers could relax on the grass or lean on a wooden gate, close their eyes and drift off into the countryside on a summer’s day. We created a memorable experience to generate talkability about the brand and bring the new range to life.”