THE NETHERLANDS – Fijnevent has flower power

Twice in one month for both subsidiaries Hamiplant and Hamifleurs. Despite the parallel with respect to a personal approach and colourful theme, a great diversity regarding goals. The result: two vibrant events each coloured in a distinctive way.

opening hal hamiplant_fijnevent.JPG

Besides the 25 year jubilee, Hamiplant was officially opening a new warehouse; the event location for that day. The theme: Making Life Colourful. Without direct revelation of the building, the guests were welcomed in a black-box inside the hall. Board of Directors as well as the mayor provided a decorative exhibition. Equipped with paint guns they fired artistic shots making the curtains fall, exposing the hall. The colourful decor, professional host, fabulous entertainment, sundrenched music and hilarity made the event a great success. Even with twice as much guests as expected, a streamlined whole. In the afternoon for relations, in the evening a grand staff party. A buoyant and festive unity.

Huub met zangkoor Hamifleurs_fijnevent.JPG

For Hamifleurs, the city was painted red as well. A personal farewell for Hamifleurs’ executive board, 100-member male choir, a tailor made quiz for that involved both personnel as the directors. Laughter was attended with sentiment. An interactive band moved everybody there and a final surprise act was the cherry on the cake. A touching goodbye and successful event for a sum of 600 relations and staff members.