The Category Winners

Twelve categories were awarded by this European Bea and eight technical characteristics were evaluated and awarded with the silver elephant for excellence. Finally, 5 Special Awards were granted. The golden star for the Best Event Agency was presented to K-events, the company that totalled the highest score in terms of results obtained by its 11 events registered with the Eu Bea this year, nine of which were classified on the short list, among which the ‘Opening Ceremony of the Olympics’ shone as the European Best.
Instead, among the companies, Daimler Chrysler triumphed as European Best Event Company, most of all for its capacity to give a protagonist role to the event within the communications mix, which was absolutely strategic and efficiently tactical, focusing primarily on culture as a terrain to be consistently and lastingly protected.

Raffaella Masciocchi of Nokia was recognized as the European Best Event Manager, that with the event ‘Play the Lab’, by NeWork, won the greatest number of awards relative to the same project.
The best Public Authority of the year was the City of Turin, thanks to the great dedication spent in favour of events, obviously relative to the Turin Olympics, but which didn’t stop there, given that the open street is characterizing the city’s new communications strategy, for a ‘dialogue’ that is increasingly interactive and open with its public.

Finally, a golden star went to ‘The Keith Haring Show’ for the Best Cultural Event. This retrospective, produced by AlphaOmega, was convincing on all fronts. Surely for its cultural value, but also synergistically for how Daimler Chrysler was able to play its role of sponsor-creator, in a discreet and ‘indissoluble’ manner.