SPAIN – The Victorio Macho Museum premieres Acciona’s captured reality technology

SPAIN – The Victorio Macho Museum premieres Acciona’s captured reality technology

The House-Museum of Fundación de Toledo, which is the home of the work by the sculptor Victorio Macho, will display an innovative Captured Reality technology devised by Acciona Service. It will allow visitors to pass through an identical 3D replica of the installations.

accionaThe Captured Reality technology applied by Acciona creates a digital model of any space based on a series of recording, photography and 360º video technologies. In just a few hours the space is transformed into a 3D model that is identical to the original, as in a video game.

The Captured Reality technology applied by Acciona Service can also provide construction drawings of the places captured. This is highly useful in the fields of engineering, industrial facilities, architecture, etc. because it provides exact and detailed information on real spaces and their layout.

Applied to the Victorio Macho Museum, the technology will allow people to see the spaces and highlight the richness of the sculptures, as if it were a real visit, and the dissemination of the collection donated by the sculptor from Palencia.

Last December, Acciona Service captured the different areas in the Victorio Macho Museum (crypt, museum and gardens) and created a 3D model that faithfully reproduces the power of the work and makes it accessible in a digital environment.

In this way, the Real Fundación de Toledo applies the most modern display technology to the dissemination of its historical heritage, being the first Spanish museum to incorporate these advances. This leads to a virtual and immersive route through the museum and its collections of sculptures, self-portraits, portraits of personalities, sketches, etc. that will help to disseminate the work and creations of Victorio Macho.