SPAIN – Technology and team work for the convention of BMW in Barcelona

SPAIN – Technology and team work for the convention of BMW in Barcelona

If you organize a car launch for which you bring all your countries together, why not take advantage of it to propose that countries organize their own motivational events and conventions at the same location? This was the idea of ​​BMW when it organized in Barcelona the world presentation of its new Series 5.

bmwOver two weeks, the city has offered to the German brand its best venues and chic leisure locations to host the annual conventions of several countries where the brand is based. Auriga conceived and organized part of these events. Of all these parallel conventions, the one organized for 500 attendees of Region B3 (Asia, Pacific and South Africa) was a highlight. Two main ideas behind the event: consolidate teams and remind the technological dimension of the brand.

The agency chose the Maritime Museum, whose architectural uniqueness and location made it a great setting, also for being close to the passion for the sea of the brand. The gothic building, divided into different high-vaulted ceilings, housed the gala dinner and the annual convention together with an enigmatic closed room, designed to present the new BMW X3.

The first concept, team cohesion, was epitomized in the claim “Shaping the future together”, for which Auriga designed a graphic image based on the silhouettes of the iconic buildings of each one of the countries present. The motto was also constantly communicated in invitations, buses and on-site posters, speeches, etc. And to continue with the theme of “together” and to give spectacularity to the staging, Auriga provided a central stage that offered a 360º experience, with everybody together around the speaker.

The second objective, technology, materialized in radical videomappings of the opening and closing sessions, all around the room. Suspended on the stage, a cube of led screens captured and highlighted the presentations.

The gala dinner featured a choreography that, departing energetically from the heart of the room, the central stage, synchronized the music with light effects and 360°projection mapping all around the space, including laser effects. In addition to the speeches, the awards were given to the team.

As for the rest of the work of the agency, each event was a separate piece, with its own briefing, creativity, with specific requests from each country. They also organized part of the tests and driver management, although much of that was brought from Germany, and a series of teambuilding activities, in the form of playful activities with iPads around the city, where the teams had a great time.