SPAIN – Suzuki’s Drive-In experience

SPAIN – Suzuki’s Drive-In experience

The brand decided to organize a press conference in a drive-in to launch its new advertising campaign, developed by VCCP and starring comedian Florentino Fernandez.

suzukiEbent and Imago were responsible for putting 50 cars in the space La Campana de Boadilla to present the new range of Suzuki. With a 6×4 LED screen, the 100 attendees couldn’t miss any detail of the campaign and enjoyed a press release experience worthy of a cinema.

Moreover, to have a first contact with the vehicle, reporters followed the presentation and the spot, directed by filmmaker Rodrigo Cortes, comfortably seated in the Suzukis through the speakers of the cars themselves.

As in a perfect American-style drive-in, there was no lack of popcorn stalls, sweets and hotdogs to accompany the special movie.