SPAIN – The Spanish MICE sector defends its industry status

SPAIN – The Spanish MICE sector defends its industry status

Associated Spanish Event Agencies (AEVEA) has been created out of the Spanish MICE industry’s need for its own set of regulations and for protecting its legal, financial and creative rights.

aevea“The idea of joining forces to establish a set of ground rules that reinforce and highlight the value of our work, appraise fee scales for different professional categories, and raise the awareness of companies as regards the need for bidding processes based of responsible criteria, are just a few examples of how creating an association can strengthen our position”, commented the spokesperson of AEVEA, an association currently comprising 37 event agencies.

An industry with a turnover of around €6,000 million needs to disseminate, implement and defend best practices among agencies, companies, institutions, training schools, and all types of public and private institutions – a public platform where internal and external bad practices implemented by event agencies can be reported, in addition to drawing attention to unfair competition. The association’s aim is to become a benchmark for industry stakeholders and for highlighting needs and proposing improvements. AEVEA will also strive to reach agreements and collaborate with event agency associations in other countries and to create a forum for exchanging ideas and forming alliances.

The association’s board of directors features Dario Regattieri (Eventisimo) as president, Mila Valcarcel (Metodo Helmer) as vice-president, Luis Gandiaga (Sauver) as secretary, Ramon Alarcon (Below Group) as treasurer, in addition to six members: Miriam Molero (Attentive), Ana Mora (Marbet Eventos), Cesar Gonzalez (EDT Eventos), Francisco Cantero (Neozink), Santiago Goizueta (Quum), and Jesus Huertas (Uila Eventos).

With the ultimate aim of integrating all of Spain’s event agencies, AEVEA currently comprises the following members: 3-events, Abile Corporate Events, Athax Eventos, Attentive, Below Group, Box de Ideas, Deporte & Business, EDT Eventos, Eventisimo, Eventive, Events & Co, Factoria de Ideas, Grass Roots, Grupo Abbsolute, Grupo O, Innevento, Last Lap, Mac Guffin, Madison, Marbet, Metodo Helmer, Neozink, Planta 18, Popin Group, Quid Quid, Quum, RPA Marketing y Comunicación, Sauver, SCP, SeproEvents, Sörensen, Staff Eventos, Uila Eventos, Unit Elements, and Unity Eventos.

After years of renovation in the industry and at a time when it is fully recuperating its pre- recession activity, AEVEA will focus on service quality, innovation and best practices.