SPAIN – The sea comes to life at the gala dinner of Aetna

SPAIN – The sea comes to life at the gala dinner of Aetna

Using the Barcelona Maritime Museum as venue, this event by Spaintacular chose Columbus and more generally the maritime world to offer guests of the incentive awards of Aetna a striking visual experience.


Columbus was the theme of the Aetna event by Spaintacular at the Barcelona Maritime Museum, which included several performances by Sintonizart. The cocktail included a tuna and animation starring Columbus and his travel companions, by jugglers actors. The dinner was enlivened by Barcelona Ladies String, a musical piece created by Sintonizart formed by five women playing string instruments.
The show featured a singer Akuiris, four contemporary dancers, two dancers who operated light juggling showing the logo of the company dancers representing six bright urchins and moved between the tables of the guests.

The show Akuiris represented the beauty of the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in a contemporary manner. The protagonist is the Goddess Tanit, the goddess of fertility, protector of love on the Mediterranean coast. A stage full of magic, interactive technologies gave birth to this figure.