SPAIN – Renaissance Barcelona Fira celebrates the Global Day of Discovery

SPAIN – Renaissance Barcelona Fira celebrates the Global Day of Discovery

On May 17th, the annual worldwide event in which simultaneously more than 165 establishments of the Renaissance Hotels of Marriott International participate was celebrated. The terrace El Cel, located on the 27th floor of the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, brought together more than 100 guests with the aim of making them discover that the Renaissance experience goes beyond a business stay.

50% of the attendees were clients staying at the hotel and the other 50% were external customers related to companies in the area or clients of Barcelona and surroundings who heard about the event by RRSS or the channels of communication of Renaissance Hotels. The brand has as a philosophy to enhance the shows and events live on its website, so that regular customers know this communication circuit well. In addition, it was communicated by social networks and to the nearby companies.

The international hashtags to make the event go viral were #renhotels and #businessunusual, and both were part of the world trending topics for several hours.

A show with international live music – the audience was mostly American and European -, an acrobatic show and cocktails. The theme of the whole event was the perfect balance between nature and the human being, which is also the concept that represents the hotel: guests were welcomed in a space where they could relax with a 110 meters high vertical garden formed by almost 300 palm trees and more than 30 vegetal species originating from five continents.