SPAIN – OFFF 2013 is ‘on’!

SPAIN – OFFF 2013 is ‘on’!

The OFFF Festival, – whose audience is 70% international and 30% local- was born as a meeting point for professionals followers of trends and innovative techniques. In the successive editions, however, attendees were increasingly not strictly related to the design and the visual arts who come to be aware of the ultimate in creativity in all areas, even in the fashion… at not surprisingly stumble on it with cool hunters looking for new trends and styles.


For this 2013 edition, which took place from 6 to 9 June at Barcelona DHUB, showing a 10% increase in local attendance, the OFFF has developed an intensive program of exhibitions, performances and talks by some of the key names from the international graphic design sector, audiovisual, interactive design, advertising, film special effects, editorial art among other disciplines that feed design.
The OFFF phenomenon has also produced the creation of an extensive international network of artists, developers, theorists and even more importantly, people who love art in all its multiple expressions: students, fans, professionals and the curious. People who want to show what they do, to discover what others do and, above all to share their knowledge and their desires to inspire and to be inspired.