SPAIN – Events Privilege managed 3 events for the Malaga Football Club.

06Nike Presentation. For the first time a club had a new gear with a massive event. As for the other events they’ve done for the general public, the style they used was casual, fun, but at the same time mixing categories of sports and totally modern and contemporary performances that reach all audiences. Break dancers, graffiti, cranes to lift the players, etc..

06Malaga Football Club wants to involve UNESCO values within the club and they have to show it in a very visual way and so they did the video The child is UNESCO, and the coach is Malaga. The event was a political event for private and business, another totally different style. With the presence of Irina Bokova, Events Privilege made an event that was able to touched the hearts and see how football can be educational and helpful.

06Players Presentation. No club (even large ones) do this kind of events. For this event the agency created a thread on a canvas background that said “I am the Malaga Football Club”. Events Privilege were painting the faces of the new signings by the hand of a graffiti artist. Each presentation had always took care of athletes or elite freestylers, such as the actions of Vicky Gomez Flat Land world champion, and local artists like the group “Danza Invisible”. Following these actions, fireworks, confetti and ballons ended the ceremony.