SPAIN – Eventisimo becomes part of the Club Para la Excelencia en Eventos

Eventisimo Comunicacion & Eventos joined the Club para la Excelencia en Eventos giving a new boost at a time when the events sector is experiencing a slow but steady recovery.

logo club para la excelencia en eventos.jpg

In 2009, the Spanish Association has confirmed its leading role in the events market nationally and in 2010 also had some international recognition. With the incorporation of another large company they become 11 agencies that are part of this project which covers the area of professional events Spanish: Día D, EDT Eventos, Eventisimo, Global Events, Innevento, Mac Guffin, Quum, SCP, Staff Events , y Sörensen Wow.

Eventisimo Comunicación & Events is a firm rapidly expanding in the sector. It ‘s on the market for many years and its objective is to endure. Its way of working has led it to be one of the most important agencies in the Spanish market with six locations in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Málaga y Tenerife) and one in Portugal (Lisboa).

Club para la Excelencia en Eventos is about to turn 3 years since its establishment and continues to grow progressively. The association has permitted to concluded and improve the idea of the event and distinguish it from other means of communication in the heart of a communication strategy.