SPAIN – Cobranding between IKEA and Nintendo for a more experiential product test

SPAIN – Cobranding between IKEA and Nintendo for a more experiential product test

To mark the worldwide launch of the new Nintendo Switch console, Marketing Land agency launched a cross-promotion between Nintendo and IKEA in which the Swedish brand’s establishments served as a testing laboratory for the new console. In this way, thanks to the Nintendo Switch games, the public enjoyed even more its visit to the store.


The Nintendo Switch console is characterized by being a home console, which becomes portable and also has a new game mode, Table Top, a multiplayer desktop mode to play anywhere, any way you want and when you want. To communicate this versatility there’s nothing better than bringing it to the natural playground of the future consumer: home… or a place that recreates it, like an IKEA store.

During the weekends of March and April, demonstrators of Nintendo Switch were located in different corners of IKEA stores in Sabadell, L’Hospitalet and Badalona, inviting clients to play in different expositive zones of the shop. From the living room in TV mode, to the beds, in the kitchen in Table Top mode, or in the bathroom in portable mode. In this way, they could try all their game modes in the same experience without leaving the store.

And as a good action of cobranding, the win-win is for both parties. In fact, IKEA had the opportunity to enjoy the console before anyone else and this attracted many Nintendo fans and served as a hook to further loyalty to the members of their club IKEA Family, for which additional demonstrations and draws of consoles were made.