SPAIN – Apple tree communications launched a message in a bottle

Madrid, 13th October 2011 – apple tree communications has created the campaign “Message in a Bottle” for The Glenrothes whiskey brand. Under the concept “Vintage Perfection”, the single malt brand claims the memory of perfect moments and the value of traditional things handmade. To that end, the day of launch, which took place on 15th September in San Antón Market, were carried out three separate actions aimed at different audiences, but all with a clear objective: to recover for a moment the forms of traditional communication by sending a handwritten message in a bottle.


For the first action, to the general public, apple tree communications installed The Glenrothes stand in the hall of San Antón Market. There was offered to all visitors the chance to send a handwritten memory in a bottle and to the person they elected in Spain. In this way, the recipient was surprised to receive the message/memory in an empty miniature and a second miniature filled of The Glenrothes. More than 1,000 people came to send a message. All vintage decoration in the stand was released by Madrid in Love. Moreover, next to the stand there was a 3 meters scale replica of The Glenrothes bottle where people could fill with a postcard explaining his “perfect moment” and enter a drawing to win a year of free whiskey.


Similarly, was performed a study on changes in the way we communicate; the results were presented on the same day in an exclusive food-pairing with 12 national media. In this second action, aimed only at journalists, Ambassador of The Glenrothes in Spain, Carolina Gomez, made a small demonstration of how to marry food with whiskey while it took place the disclosing of the results of the survey conducted by The Glenrothes. The study concludes that seven out of ten Spanish would recover the handwritten letter to contact a friend or partner. At the end of the meal, journalists could also send their personal memories in a bottle.


The launch ended with a special party on the terrace of San Antón Market attended by 300 guests including costumers, friends of the brand and online influencers. The reason for the evening was to celebrate the perfect moments lived throughout life, “Vintage Moments of Perfection”. Therefore apple tree communications sought to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for the guests felt happy and able to enjoy, among other things, The Glenrothes Whisky cocktails that were served. Moreover, attendees were able to send also their “Message in a Bottle” who they wanted to.