SPAIN – Acciona creates a successful audiovisual installation for “Monet’s Garden”

SPAIN – Acciona creates a successful audiovisual installation for “Monet’s Garden”

The theme of the audivisual installation designed by the Spanish Acciona Productions and Design for the exhibition “Monet’s Garden” in Melbourne revolved around the gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny, where the artist lived from 1883-1926. These gardens, which inspired much of his work, go through a process of continuous change throughout the whole year. The artist designed them so that they might have a continuous change of the blooms, which can be reflected in his paintings.

The temporary exhibition was divided into two sections. On the one hand, the exhibition of the works of Monet, including pre-construction pictures of the garden of his house in Giverny and the different parts of the garden. On the other, the media room, where it was hosted the installation. Located at the end of the exhibition, the purpose of this room was to show visitors the constant evolution of the gardens in different seasons, as well as his home and studio from an intimate and personal level.

The immersive installation offered the viewer a sensory experience in the colorful and fascinating natural of the painter. The enveloping sensation has been possible thanks to an original soundtrack and the selection and quality of the images projected on a nearly 360 degrees screen, 35 meters wide and 4 meters high.