SPAIN – Abile hosts an event at NASA

A Spanish company wanted to organise a convention that would follow 3 guidelines: ‘dream big and reach for the stars’, ‘drive your business’,and ‘always enjoy what’s you’re doing’. This is the reason why Abile Corporate Events suggested to host the event in the land of space voyages, of Disney entertainment and the hometown of the legendary NASCAR pilot Richard Petty.

Abile took 70 top managers to Orlando in orderto take part in the Annual meeting of the company. The event started at NASA Kennedy Space Center with a coaching session by the CEO of the company and a lunch at the presence of three real astronauts, that told the participants about their experience and what they felt when they saw the Earth from the space. After that, they had the chance to visit the Apollo V space.


The second part of the event was represented by the meeting with NASCAR champion Richard Petty, who conducted an activity of team building following the quote ‘I drive my life, I drive my Business’. As a metaphor of the slogan, the managers did an endurance kart race.
The third message of the convention was carried out with a trip to Disney World, where the participants spent the last day.