SPAIN – A popup store to learn how to flirt with glasses

SPAIN – A popup store to learn how to flirt with glasses

Multiópticas together with Mrs.Rushmore agency wanted to claim that posing with glasses can also be attractive: thus they created an action that combined popup space and event with influencers to show us that you can also get a ‘match’ with the glasses on.

multiopticasUnder the claim “leave your glasses on to flirt“, the Multiópticas popup store opened in the space Mood of Madrid: in the store, experts and stylists advised the public on the model of glasses that most suited them according to their features. Then, a team of makeup artists helped them get their best look and the fashion photographer José Morraja gave them their best pose to get an impactful photo to use as profile picture on their social networks.

To buzz the action, make it clear that wearing glasses is not at odds with being sexy and to show the different models of glasses, the hashtag #ligarcongafas was released and included on Instagram in all the photos taken at the popup store. A social room was also created on the social network, which operated as a Tinder type flirt app, meaning that participants could browse through the photos and generate matches with a ‘like’.

After a first virtual meeting online, the opportunity to meet each other in person was offered as well, so that in the same space there was also a party for everyone to get acquainted with their glasses on, of course.