SPAIN – A ‘Night Like No Other’ with Brockmans

SPAIN – A ‘Night Like No Other’ with Brockmans

The brand of gin will tour Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. The capital has been the first to experience the mystery and sensuality of an event that combines music, performances, art and even movies.

brockmansBrockmans events ‘Night Like No Other’will take place in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. In all three cities the locations are not well known and they are in an unconventional environment. Invitations to events also follow the aura of secrecy and are only accessible through a draw of only 35 passes.

In Madrid the chosen space was La Neomúdejar, a former warehouse railway station in Atocha, now International Art Residence. Among freight cars, old boilers and skylights set designer Maria Puig recreated an intriguing and sensual atmosphere through which the audience was immersed in a sensory experience through different performances.

From the very entrance to the event the light installation by the artist Luisa Alvarez welcomed the audience with the first experience of the night walking on a particular water bubbles rug. Once inside the room, there were different artists who interacted and played with the audience.

These sensory nights will be collected in an art film by Pablo Vega, responsible for capturingthe sensory sideof the night ineach of thecities where theseevents take place.