SPAIN – A convention at the Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid

SPAIN – A convention at the Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid

AIA wanted something different and yet very typical of Spain for its annual convention, so the experts of Sit Events with the production of Fox Group immediately thought of football and chose the Bernabeu Stadium as the location for the event.

As if they were fans, with shirts and scarves with corporate colors and coats especially designed for the event, the 1,700 attendees began to occupy the stands of the stadium, all thematized for the convention.
In the field, there was a huge canvas with AIA logo covering the circumference of the midfield and a red carpeted stage with two giant screens on either side.

The show started with a group of freestyle soccer players who were then followed by the convention presenter who arrived on the field inside a huge plastic ball simulating a giant soccer ball.
After an acrobatic show, the formal part of the convention started and the company executives began their presentations. The morning event ended with a lunch in different spaces and restaurants of the stadium .

The Hall 2 of IFEMA Convention & Congress hosted the farewell dinner. The night was all about Spanish folkclore. Flamenco dancers welcomed the group at the front door and a huge carpet in the colors of the Spanish flag marked the way from the entrance to the hall.

Following the cocktail reception, and once they were all seated at their tables, a video mapping, made by Mapp3d Interactive, was projected and then the guests had the chance to enjoy a flamenco show.

To end the event, it was announced the destination of the next convention. A third mapping projected a story that started in Thailand, passing through Spain and ended pointing to a new spot on the map: South Africa.