RUSSIA – ‘Upside Down’: going in for sports in the open air

What is better – to play any usual games or invent your own? To follow the rules of a sport, or to experiment on it and mix different sports? The concept ‘Upside Down‘ makes anything possible.

In August, in Moscow Strogino Beach, Eventum Premo agency, that is taking part at this year’s EuBEA, organized a creative team building for NefteTransServis employees – a real festival of unusual sports.

Each participant received the basic document of the event – a sports record book in which all the activities of the festival were displayed. Going through each stage, employees received cherished stamps for their sports record books, so that gave them a chance to participate in the drawing of additional prizes.

The ‘Upside Down’ summer team building included such activities as Billball (combination of billiards and football), Raceball (a combination of car racing and football), Megadarts (shooting huge marks with water balloons), Slingathlon (shooting candies from a slingshot to soda cans), Zorball (playing football with zorb balls), Peopleball (playing basketball but with real people instead of a ball), and many others.

The game Angry Birds was one of the most popular activities. Un uncommon slingshot was specially built by the organizers to shoot with official soft toys – birds and green pigs.

The Sticky-tape creative area was the hit of the event. In this area, each team created a particular mascot with paper, bottles, scissors, and … colored sticky tape.
After that, each team defended and presented its mascot to other participants of the festival.
After summarizing, each team received a prize medal.
A dance flash mob, organized right in the glade, was a triumphant finale of the event.