Bea World Festival


Bea World is your once in a year opportunity to stay up-to-date with the changing landscape of live communication. See the world’s best-in-class events live, develop your business and network and learn all you need from leading experts for your future success.

Never more than now has it been necessary to promptly interpret the evolution in progress and communicate the actions undertaken to provide creative solutions.

What we have learned in this complicated period is that the world needs simplicity, because in simplicity we can find solutions to current problems: coexistence between people and individuals, respect for the natural environment and sustainability, for social differences. Through the key of simplicity, people can find unity, and pleasure in being together” – affirms Salvatore Sagone, President of ADC Group and founder of the Bea World Experience Festival.

The event is conceived as a  business platform and a meeting point between supply and demand, aimed at celebrating the creativity and innovations that are redesigning the events and live communication industry.

As in previous years, nominees competing for the renowned Golden Elephant awards will have the opportunity to showcase their projects in front of a prestigious jury comprising top corporate event professionals.

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Learn from the Best & Engage

Bea World Festival offers a wide range of content and learning opportunities

Follow the live presentations on 24th Novmber to learn from the shortlisted projects the most innovative strategies and creative solutions, discover the different approaches of event agencies around the world, benchmark your work to that of your competitors.

On the following day, brilliant speakers from inside and outside the event industry will offer you a multidisciplinary approach to the Festival theme and guide you through uplifting keynotespractical sessions, successful corporate case studies or hands-on workshops. Unconventional session formats, a strict ban on marketing fluff and plenty of participant interaction will help you remember and apply what you have learned.

24th November – Live Presentations

Live presentation – Best Event Awards and Best Partner Awards


25th November – Content Programme & Awards Ceremony

The content program will this year take the shape of a so called congrestival: a congres with fun, a festival with content. There will hardly be any traditional speakers and only a very limited plenary program. For the biggest part, participants are in charge of their own program and are free to choose from a range of engaging, interactive and fun sessions. Some of which will be continuous and short, some starting at specific hours and up to a maximum of 30 minutes. A quick overview of the day:
  • Already during registration & morning coffee, there will be some entertainment ánd some light content.
  • You are invited to take part in the Inclusive Interaction Tour, showing you hands-on how to make everyone feel welcome at your events.
  • In the Potential Room, we talk about the situation in the world, our markets and the opportunities this brings to the industry. Walk in whenever you feel like talking to peers, guided by jury-members.
  • Your are welcome at any time you want in our Campfire Corner, where we will interview captains of industry on the topic of change. What is the evolution in the role of events, events-agencies and their relationship to the clients? Where do developments like new media, sustainabillity etc come in?
  • In the sessions called Events on Trial, we will be exploring the question of sustainabillity: is our industry doing enough? What role do we play in environmental issues and what resposibillity do we (need to) take? You – the participants – will play an active role in this session, pleading for the defence of your colleagues.
  • During the Diversity Deep Dive, you will actively debate challenges around the topic of diversity and inclusion. Two experts will challenge your thinking, while the dialoque-tool ConsensIQ will help you overthink, explore and get insights.
  • In the Confession Cabin, you will be challenged to confess to your sustainabillity-sins. Rest assured: there will be absolution and spritual guidance to help you do (even) better in future. The Confession Cabin is open all day, to individuals and (small) teams.
  • The Metaverse Meetup is designed to inspire you with new technology: metaverse, hologramms, AR etc. Feel free to walk around the experiential area, or talk to fortune teller Aragorn.
  • We all know it: no staff, no event. And we all struggle with finding staff, right? That’s why we will share experiences and find solutions together, in this fully interactive session.
  • At the Butterfly Bar, we adress your future and answer the question which transformation you need to go through, to remain or become succesful in our industry. Each session, there will be an expert helping you change from a catterpillar into a butterfly.
  • And finally we end the day with an inspiring talk about Metaverse, presented by Mister Metaverse Aragorn Meulendijks. He will dream, predict, question and debunk everything around the virtual future of our industry.

18:30 – 19:30
Welcome Cocktail

Dress code: Black Tie Optional

19:30 – 24:00
Awards Ceremony & Dinner Party

Dress code: Black Tie Optional

26th November – Leisure Activities

9:30 – 13:00

This Special tour is an exclusive, guided tour through the premises of the Dream Factory which are usually only open to staff.80 years of cinema and there’s still more story to tell. Throughout the entire 20th century, Cinecittà never stopped creating dreams for the country: from the initial design by Gino Peressutti whose construction was inaugurated in 1937 to the American productions that filled the capital with new splendour in the post-war years and the blockbuster titles that would reinvent the history of cinema, from Mervyn LeRoy’s Quo Vadis? to William Wyler’s Ben Hur.Many of the founding pages of the universal history of film have been written on its sets; pages that have exported the most vibrant face of Rome to the world, its unmistakable Dolce Vita.In the new millennium, the stages of Cinecittà Studios continue to host important productions, like, Gangs of New York  by Martin Scorsese, Le avventure acquatiche di Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson, La passione di Cristo by Mel Gibson and recently Catch 22 by George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Ellen Kuras and Six Underground by Michael Bay.

9:30 – 13:00

The Eur district was born from a project of the fascist era: in 1935 the Duce expressed his desire to create a monumental open-air space, which could adequately accommodate the Universal Exposition scheduled in Rome for 194, the current acronym that stands for “Universal Exposition Rome”.The Palazzo dei Congressi is the work of Adalberto Libera. In addition to the architectural value of the building, the interior decorations, the work of Achille Funi and Gino Severini, are also worth a visit. It often hosts interesting events, ranging from the Book Fair in Rome Bride to the Art City Exchange.The Centro Congressi Italia, with the famous suspended “Nuvola” by Fuksas in steel and Teflon.The Salone delle Fontane, covers an area of over 2 thousand square meters and is one of the most representative locations in the hospitality panorama of the Capital. The entrance scenographically enriched by fountains decorated with mosaics, granite stairways, colonnade and well-kept gardens, introduces to this monumentalist architectural work conceived by the architect Gaetano Minnucci as an expression of Italian Rationalism.Among the most beautiful buildings that animate the Eur district, the Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro known as the Square Colosseum, as its overlapping orders of arches are conceptually reminiscent of the Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum). It was built to a design by Guerrini, La Padula and Romano, and looks like a square and imposing block, almost a metaphysical architecture, now home to the Fendi Maison.

9:30 – 13:00

The most famous of the Roman fountains: a jewel of water and stoneThe terminal part of the Vergine aqueduct, the only one of the ancient aqueducts continuously in use to this day, the Trevi Fountain it is the best known of the Roman fountains.Its name derives from a toponym in use in the area since the mid-20th century, Regio Trivii, referring to the confluence of three streets in the square, or from the triple outlet of the water of the original fountain.The construction of the current Trevi fountain is due to Pope Clement XII who, in 1732, launched a competition in which the major artists of the time participated. Among the various projects presented, that of the architect Nicola Salvi was chosen.Before leaving, do not forget to throw a coin into the fountain, you will definitely return to Rome, as the custom says. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bit of romance, perhaps even an Italian love, you will have to toss a second and a third coin to make sure that the wedding bells will ring soon.The Trevi Fountain was the splendid setting for the most famous scene of the film La Dolce Vita by director Federico Fellini; a provocative Anita Ekberg wrapped in a long black evening dress calls Marcello Mastroianni: “Marcello, come here!”, while sinuously plunges into the sparkling waters of the fountain.Everyone knows the famous Trevi Fountain, less well known is the underground passages that stretch beneath the Trevi district.Of this intricate maze of ancient vestiges, the underground archaeological area of Vicus Caprarius – the City of Water is a part: the structures of an imperial imperial domus, the castellum aquae of the Virgin Aqueduct and the evocative exhibits (including the famous face of Alessandro helios), finds discovered during the renovation of the former Cinema Trevi.

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