PORTUGAL – Volkswagen unveils new Kodiaq in Albufeira

PORTUGAL – Volkswagen unveils new Kodiaq in Albufeira

Volkswagen will be back in Albufeira, this time to unveil Skoda’s new SUV, Kodiaq, to provide training to about 10,000 dealers from 50 markets around the world and to conduct road tests.

volkswagenThe brand’s meeting will be held in February and March at the Salgados Palace & Congress Center.

“Albufeira is a municipality with excellent conditions to welcome this type of initiative. We are known to know how to receive those who visit us, for the capacity and quality of our hotel, good climate, gastronomy, dream beaches, good accessibility and security, that is, we have all the conditions for any event to be a success”, underlined Carlos Eduardo da Silva e Sousa, President of the Albufeira Municipality.

Silva e Sousa added also that the economic return is immediate, both in terms of revenue and job creation, and in relation to the media projection associated with these events. A “multiplier effect is very welcome, especially at this time of year, when we are still in the low season”.